787 cockpit


Human Factors Consulting

We provide Human Factors expertise, to help our customers create the optimum cockpit interface with the Avionics with regards to safety and ease of operation for the pilot. We specialize in cockpit design concepts that reduce overall training, thereby reducing cost for the customer and improving safety.

We offer Consulting for both existing and new products.

  • Flight test and integration test support
    • Analysis of HF cockpit experience for suggested system improvements
  • Human Factors survey development and results analysis
    • This can help you to identify how your system is used and the best designs to meet the customer needs
  • Human Factors test creation
    • This step gathers data on the proposed designs to help identify both the best design and any deficiencies that need improvement
    • Test creation is critical, to remove variables and
  • Human Factors test data analysis
    • Analysis of the data is complex as the data must be interpreted and the accurate conclusions drawn.



Technical and Pilot Training Publications

We have a unique insight into the Avionics system and its operation in the cockpit to provide to our customers, having designed and flight tested avionics software, as well as flown the aircraft and manipulated the system at the cockpit level. We know the complexity pilots face today with the advanced technology. We use this combination of experience to create advanced training for pilots to help answer those difficult questions always asked in the ground school classes like, "Why does the system do that?!"

  • Advanced flight controls system training
    • We provide more detail with additional training into the Autopilot and FMS systems: how the flight modes work, how the autopilot interacts with the cockpit as a whole (throttles, controls, etc), and details on approach mode operations
    • We create the training module or update/create documentation as our clients require
  • General Training material development
    • We take your desired training material/items
    • We create the training module or update documentation



Simulation Platform Integration Expertise

We have a unique capability to aid in the simulation platform update process due to our experience working with Avionics and its interface to both static and dynamic simulation training platforms. We offer engineering services for simulation platform update, Avionics to simulation interface update, and systems integration test plan development and run.



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